What I did

Hereafter some examples of projects I recently carried out.

Client Connecting Expertise (Antwerp, Belgium)
Company description Connecting Expertise offers a web based platform to manage contingent workforce: matching candidates, create contracts, timesheet functionalities, invoicing, reporting.
Project type Tech lead
Project description Tasks:
• Technical design: create technical structures that can be used to provide guidance to junior developers
• Quality assurance: perform code reviews, technical tests
• Communication with external hosting company
• Organize technical meetings with development team
• Communication with management about large development projects
Duration 2 years
Technologies & platforms Linux, PHP, MySQL, GIT, Elastic Search, Jenkins, RabbitMQ

Client Flanders Hydraulics Research (Antwerp, Belgium)
Company description Flanders Hydraulics Research investigates the impact of human activity and nature on water systems and the consequences for navigation.
Project type Tech lead
Project description The project involved the redesign of a large simulation software system. The legacy system was written in Fortran and had to be redesigned and rewritten in C#.NET. The work was carried out by several external consultants, my role was to identify the weaknesses in the software developed so far, to discuss this with internal staff, and assist management in taking decisions concerning the future of the project.
Duration 5 months
Technologies & platforms C#.NET, Windows, TFS

Client N.T.A.C. (Houten, Netherlands)
Company description N.T.A.C. is a consultancy agency for health care appliances. Their services are supported by tailor made software solutions, for internal (employees) as well as external use (by their clients: city governments, health insurers, suppliers of health care appliances).
Project type IT Infrastructure, software development process, technology upgrade
Project description During several years I helped N.T.A.C. by:
• Renewing their complete IT infrastructure: outsourcing of business critical servers to data centers, new internal servers (Windows 2012 Server), new desktop computers including transition to Windows 7, new routers, network connections and VPN.
• Implementing professional software development methodologies and technologies: introduction of bug tracker (Mantis), development/testing/production environments, introduction of Code Versioning System, introduction of PHP framework, introduction of .NET Entity Framework
• Upgrading software development platforms: .NET 4.5, PHP 5.5, Yii 1.1, SQL Server 2012
Duration 3 years
Technologies & platforms Windows 2012 Server, SQL Server 2012, MySQL, Yii, PHP, VB.NET, .NET Entity Framework, SOAP Webservices, Subversion, UML, VPN

Client MAAZ (Houten, Netherlands)
Company description MAAZ is a consultancy firm offering services to city governments regarding tendering processes, procurement and execution of contracts with suppliers of health care appliances.
Project type Software development
Project description The project regarded Contractsupport, a service for Dutch governments, to support the execution of large contracts with suppliers of health care appliances.
The project consisted of the design/specification and the development of the digital part of this system, in cooperation with company management and internal experts. My exact role was to lead the functional and technical discussions, write the design, and coordinate the software development, where I acted as a lead developer. The result:
• An extensive webbased application with functions for the city governments (to request appliances for their inhabitants) and functions for the suppliers (to respond to the requests).
• A desktop application for the employees of MAAZ, by which all data in Contractsupport can be requested and modified.
• An invoicing platform that suppliers can use to invoice their deliveries. The platform contains extensive automated checks for the invoices.
• Webbased management information system.
Duration 2 years
Technologies & platforms SQL Server 2012, MySQL, Yii, PHP, VB.NET, .NET Entity Framework, SOAP Webservices, UML, jQuery, AJAX

Client Homedezign.nl (Aalsmeer, Netherlands)
Company description Homedezign.nl is a webshop for exclusive design furniture and living accessories.
Project type eCommerce, system development & implementation
Project description Homedezign.nl needed to completely renew their webshop: a state-of-the-art  webshop management system, new graphical design, as well as a multi-store solution, with subshops for each brand in the shop. More payment methods needed to be implemented, also for the Belgian market. Finally, interfaces with advertisement systems like Google Shopping and Beslist.nl, as well as an interface with online review company Kiyoh was required.
I leaded the whole project, selected an open source ecommerce system (Magento), configured and extended it, selected a hosting company, subcontracted a company for the graphical design of the webshop, converted the content from the old webshop.
Duration 1 year
Technologies & platforms Magento, PHP, MySQL, CSS, Google Analytics, Google Shopping

Client Ecofys (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Description Ecofys is a large consultancy firm in the area of sustainable energy. The  department ‘Energy in the built environment’ was looking for a calculation model to perform large amounts of calculations regarding energy saving measures in large residential building stocks (f.i. the building stock of a large housing corporation).
Project type Functional design, algorithms, advice on technology
Activities • Functional design of a large model for performing calculations regarding the impact of measures concerning sustainable energy and energy savings. Major part of this task was analysing, structuring and documenting the information domain, in collaboration with sustainable energy experts.
• Validation and documenting of the calculation algorithms to be implemented in the calculation model.
• Building an extensive demo application in Java SE.
• Draw up recommendations regarding the technical elaboration of the model (the development of the model was outsourced to a third party).
Duration Half a year
Technologies & methodologies UML, Java SE, Hibernate, OO, interfaces, Junit, MySQL

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