What I do

The society we live in is dense, complex, and develops at a faster pace than in earlier times. I believe that more than ever, organisations need people that are able to perform more than just one trick. People that have developed themselves in more than one direction, and are willing to continue developing.

These are the roles I can currently adopt in an organisation:

Project leader
I am able to lead projects considering complex software development, software implementation and hardware/infrastructure implementation. I prefer projects that are challenging with respect to content. Projects that involve a lot of politics are less of my interest.

Team leader
I enjoy working in small teams. I’m an experienced team leader for dedicated teams. My style in leading professional teams can be characterized as empathetic and pragmatic.

Arnaud de Klerk

Business analyst
I don’t know everything about every business. Therefore, as a business analyst I will put a lot of effort in communication with the business experts: banking professionals, scientific staff, technical consultants, or any kind of representative of the business I’m supposed to investigate. I will use my analytical and communication skills to oversee, structure and document the information domain of the business being analysed.

Programming is a very useful skill in the modern world, and is rather underestimated, in my opinion. To be a good programmer, one needs analytical as well as creative intelligence.
I myself see programming as a tool, a tool to structure and simplify reality. I’m not the so called techie that wants to know everything about a certain technology, I use technology when I need it. From years of experience, of course I do know a lot about modern development techniques, platforms and methodologies: object orientated programming, test driven development or design patterns are concepts I very well understand and have applied many times.
I am not an expert in a particular kind of technology, but for most tasks I have enough knowledge about .NET development, PHP development and SQL databases.
My fixed knowledge concerning the Java platform is less extensive, so for advanced programming tasks in this environment I will think twice, currently.